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Let yourself be pampered! In contrast to your Day-Of Coordinator or Wedding Planner, a Wedding Day Concierge (also known as a Lady-In-Waiting)'s only responsibility is to be sure you feel like royalty the day of your wedding.

As your Wedding Day Concierge our sole purpose is attending to you and your needs. Let your vendors focus on executing your dreams, we'll focus on you. Duties can include:

  • Field last minute calls and questions from family, guests, vendors, coordinators, etc.

  • Fetch coffee or snacks, opening champagne, or coordinating lunch/breakfast delivery.

  • Maintain the dressing area to ensure aesthetically pleasing photos.

  • Assist the with dressing. Particularly, corseted-back dresses, bustling, and/or boutonnières.

  • Check in on areas you cannot visit (e.g., ceremony space, reception space, or your fiancé(e)'s chambers).

  • Monitor personal belongings such as a purse, cell phone, or hotel room key.

  • "Fluff" the train, touch up hair & makeup, and get you down the aisle looking fabulous!

  • Keep on hand a fully stocked "Emergency Kit".

  • Retrieve your plate from the buffet & keep your glass full all night long.

Too often an attendant or other family member accidentally becomes the "gopher" on the wedding day. They spend their time running around and you are too scared of becoming "Bridezilla"/"Groomzilla" to ask for everything you want or need. The couple doesn't receive the level of care they deserve, and closest friends can't enjoy this special time as the honored guests they are.

In short: A wedding-day personal assistant of your very own! 

This service makes a great group gift from attendants and family! 

Packages start at $350




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