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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

It is so tempting to say, "We can do that ourselves!", particularly if you have a wide range of skills, a tight budget, or enthusiastic family and friends offering to help you. But be careful!

Before you attack that Pinterest project count the cost. That includes time, money, and a realistic view of your own ability.

Professional vendors serve you in so many capacities beyond what you see superficially. For example, DO NOT allow yourself (or anyone else for that matter) attempt to tackle catering. It may seem cheaper on the front end but when you factor in all the spent time in kitchen, running back and forth to the buffet, and busing tables, there is no time left to celebrate! Add that to the liability if someone gets sick? That savings disappears.

Before you book a vendor we should review the contract together. I'm not a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice, but I can point out any red flag policies and make sure we've asked all the necessary questions before you put down a deposit.

Vendors who STAY in the wedding industry do so by serving their clients well. This is how they pay their bills. If you walk away happy and recommend them to one person they can book? Well that's incentive enough to go above and beyond! On the other hand, your cousin Sarah who "does hair sometimes" might feel comfortable showing up late (or not at all).

Remember, your time and energy comes at a cost. Invest in hiring vendors who will exceed your expectations. Don't know where to start? Ask me. I have a list of rock star vendors I'd love to connect you with!

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